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The Making of 'Heaven by Nevaeh' Product Line

Posted on January 14 2021

Heaven Natural Perfume by Prima Essence Canada contains all natural ingredients.

Nevaeh has recently launched two more products under her 'Heaven by Nevaeh' line that include a natural face oil and a cuticle oil and once again she has participated in the formulation of the product and has created all of the graphic and marketing materials.

When I opened Bespoke Aromatics in 2015 Nevaeh (my granddaughter) was just 9 years old. Many of you met her when she’d come to work with her mom, or during the summers when she stayed with me. She was always eager to be involved and help out around the shop. Like most youngsters who are extremely high-energy, bright and confident she was also exhausting and sometimes we had to just sit her down with an age appropriate activity in order to keep her out of our hair.


My children (3) are all adults now and were raised during the years that I owned and operated several other businesses. Each of them helped in various capacities while growing up, however, none of them were as eager or dedicated as my grand-daughter.

Working and learning from home during the pandemic has provided Nevaeh with an opportunity to be submerged into ‘Nana’s Aromatherapy Entrepreneurial Camp’.

Over the course of the last year Nevaeh has helped me immensely. She has been my assistant creative director for photography of products and co-hosts many of my educational videos. She has re-programmed and kept my inventory system up to date and continues to help with bookkeeping and organizing files.

Nevaeh was diagnosed with a genetic connective tissue disorder called Loeys-Dietz syndrome when she was an infant.  Her condition primarily affects, tendons, muscles, and arteries and she has undergone many orthopaedic procedures and two open heart surgeries. Nevaeh has been a SickKids Ambassador for several years now and is often called upon to be a guest speaker and participate in fundraising events for the hospital.

As a form of gratitude for the care that she has received at The Hospital for Sick Children a portion of our proceeds from the sale of her products under the 'Heaven by Nevaeh' line will be donated to the hospital's highest priority of needs.

The 'Heaven by Nevaeh' line began with a 100% Natural Perfume Oil launched in December 2020 and now her product line includes a spray version of her perfume. Nevaeh assisted with choosing the scent formula (with my tweaking advice) and has completely designed and created her own label and graphics.  It was her idea to create a label with an image of herself with her great-grandmother’s Nirvana painting as a back-drop.  She then artified the image using Procreate a digital painting app designed for IOS systems.

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