So Grateful

Posted on February 25 2023

So Grateful

 Bespoke Aromatics

Look I still have a large collection of exquisite aromatic oils. Going forward I will continue to create "Bespoke' aromatherapy products and  if any of my followers are in need of a specific essential oil I may be able to supply.

Mid-March I will be launching a new website which will focus solely on Essential Oil Roll-Ons (natural perfume oils) with matching Mini-Sprays.

I am beyond thankful for the support that I have received Post-Pandemic from all of my local supporters and those afar. 

Stocking and replenishing a wide array of inventory required to create so many different products was a juggling act that required maintaining an inventory that was valued at close to fifty thousand dollars.

When the pandemic hit and I was forced to close my bricks and mortar location and my sales dropped by 85%. Continuing to operate with just a handful of customers seemed dire at the time with so much inventory on hand. However, it all worked out.

I am glad that I was able to KEEP all of your NOSES Happy with lovely smelling natural products over the last couple of years and I truly appreciate all of your support and understanding while I slowly discontinued products.
I will continue to promote the safe use of essential oils; via tips and recipes through my Instagram Account - giving credit and shout-outs to other companies and brands whose products I value for their integrity and purity.

Aromatically yours,

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