Sandalwood (Australian) 25% Dilution Essential Oil


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Sandalwood 25% Dilution Essential Oil
Santalum spicatum 12 ml

Primary Constituents:
Z-alpha santalol 15.32%
Z-beta santalol 5.63%
Farnesol 12.16%

100% Authentic Sandalwood Oil 25% Dilution in 200 proof denatured alcohol*

Country of Origin: Australia
Steam Distilled from Wood

Product Use:
Only suitable for natural perfumery. It is recommended that this 25% dilution of Indian Sandalwood be further blended into lotions and other carrier oils.

Exquisite oils should not be wasted by diffusing in ultra-sonic water diffusers.
Many companies offer neat versions or 3% dilutions. 
At Prima Essence we feel that 25% dilutions are worth their weight in gold, making them more affordable than a pure or neat form and far more useful than typical 3% dilutions.  

Sandalwood is one of the most expensive woods in the world. The oil is extracted via different methods, with steam distillation being the most common.  During ancient times the traditional method was to soak the wood in water followed by boiling until the oil is released. 

*This diluted Santalum spicatum is best suited to natural perfumery. 

Essential Oil Precautions