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Diffuser Blends

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Prima Essence products are created with natural ingredients to
Make your Life Smell Freakin' Amazing

Our Diffuser Blends contain anywhere from 3 to 8 different varieties of pure (concentrated) essential oils.  Each blend has been formulated in proportions taking into consideration how each aromatic signature enhances and compliments the others in the blend.
Note: Keep All Diffuser Blend Bottles out of the reach of children, some of our blends are not recommended for use in the bedroom and especially in a child's bedroom.

Over the last one hundred years many folks have developed sensitivities to synthetic perfumes and to petrochemical derivatives in scented products and cosmetics. Best health practices indicate that adopting healthy lifestyle habits and reducing our exposure to synthetic fragrances will benefit our bodies, and the air quality in our homes.  Please Visit: How to Use & Diffuser Blend Legend


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