Prima} First or Leading

Essence} The most significant element or
ultimate quality;
a natural 
constituent derived from a plant
that possesses an odour


While maintaining a healthy life there is no place for artificial and that’s why at Prima Essence we are completely transparent about our ingredients.

While maintaining a healthy life there is no place for artificial, and that’s why I love to create beautifully scented Aromatherapy products using only natural plant sourced essences, essential oils, resins, absolutes, natural isolates and co2 extracts. 

Despite the vastness of the 'handcrafted and all-natural' movement, the market is still saturated with products that are synthetically scented and sadly within this market so many vendors charge exorbitant prices with exaggerated marketing and health claims.

My philosophy has always been Natural is Best, but Natural does not have to be Expensive and I do not espouse to nonsense marketing claims indicating that my products will reverse the aging process or cure disease.

Prima Essence is a Canadian company that stands behind their ethics of being completely transparent about their ingredients.