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Aromatic Spray: Ganesh


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Ganesh* Linen/Room & Body Mist

[120 ml/ 4 oz] 
Clear Plastic bottle with Spray Applicator

An Aromatherapy Inspired Product to be used as a Body & Linen Spray. 

If you love Patchouli then you will definitely love this potion, as it focuses on patchouli's earthy depth with a pinch of Champaka* that will take you on a journey back in time to the counterculture of the 1960's.☮️

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*Ganesh is one of the most popular Gods in Hinduism. Ganesh represents the ideology that life’s successes should be built upon humility and that every human should conduct themselves with purity, peace and truthfulness.

Reverse Osmosis Water (Aqua), Natural Food Grade Vegetable Alcohol, Polysorbate 20 (Emulsifier), Pogostemon cablin (Patchouli) leaf oil, Champaka Oil (aka 'Nag Champa') a proprietary incense fragrance * and Citrus Limonum (Lemon) peel oil.

*Paraben & Phthalate Free

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