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Aromatic Spray: Sleepy Time


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Sleepy Time Linen/Room & Body Spray

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Product Use
An Aromatherapy Inspired Product to be used as an Environmental Room & Linen Spray. Could also be use a natural body mist.

100% Natural Aromatherapy inspired product has been formulated to scent your space and body with the soothing aromatics of Lavender and Tonka Bean and the crisp cheerfulness of Orange.

When you use a lovely scent repeatedly in conjunction with meditative practices or with your relaxation routine at bedtime, eventually the aroma alone may elicit relaxation.
That's the therapy in Aroma-Therapy!

May be used as an aromatic body spray; Lightly spritz your body or hair.

May be used as an environmental spray; Lightly spray linens, towels, blankets, carpets, bath mats, shower curtains, car floor mats or clothing.

Detailed Ingredients

Detailed Use