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Basil (Organic) Essential Oil

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Basil (Organic) Essential Oil*
Ocimum basilicum L.

100% Pure Essential Oil
Country of Origin: India

This Essential Oil is being Discontinued
12 ml size - just 2 bottles left.
30 ml size - just 1 bottles left.

*Certified to be Grown Organically

Primary Constituents:
Linalool 51.09%
1,8-Cineole 9.1%
Estragole 1.3%
Eugenol 1.2%
Methyl Eugenol <.01%

Sweet basil with a high content of linalool is a preferred basil with fewer indications due to the low levels of Estragoles.

Product Use:
For use in aromatic diffusers. Basil is best when blended with other essential oils in lower proportions to the other other oils.  Its licorice herbaceous aroma smells really interesting when blended with citrus oils and with geranium and patchouli.

Try this combination:
Lemon x 5 drops
Patchouli x 3 drops
Geranium x 2 drops
Basil x 1 drops

Essential Oil Precautions