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Aromatic Spray: Breathe


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Breathe Aromatic Linen & Room Spray
[120 ml/ 4 oz] 
Clear Plastic bottle with Spray Applicator

Created for Big Stretch Yoga Toronto

Product Use
An Aromatherapy Inspired Product to be used as an Environmental Room & Linen Spray. Could also be use a natural body mist.

This 100% Natural Aromatherapy inspired product has been formulated to scent your space and body with the soothing aromatics of Lavender & Ho Wood, in harmony with the cheerfulness of Orange.  Eucalyptus, Tea Tree & Bay Laurel provide fresh clean notes.

When you use a lovely scent repeatedly while following your breath during meditative practices, eventually the aroma alone may elicit relaxation.
That's the therapy in Aroma-Therapy!

May be used as an aromatic body spray; Lightly spritz your body or hair.

May be used as an environmental spray; Lightly spray linens, towels, blankets, carpets, bath mats, shower curtains, car floor mats or clothing.

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Detailed Use

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