Carrier Oil: RoseHip Oil (Organic)

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RoseHip Oil
Prunus armeniaca

Certified to be Organically Grown

Available in a 25 ml or 120 ml amber plastic bottle with squirt cap

Unrefined, Cold Pressed from seed

Country of Origin: Chile

Product Use
To be used as a massage oil, to moisturize and soften the skin or used as a 'Carrier Oil' to which essential oils could be added to create aromatherapy inspired products.

Rosehip Oil (organic/unrefined) Rosa canina seed oil is extracted from the seeds of the wild rose.  Contrary to what you read on the internet and in advertising campaigns promoting the benefits of Rosehip Oil, the oil does not contain vitamin C. Rather the oil contains high levels of ‘Essential Fatty Acids’ namely: 1. Linoleic acid aka omega 6 (40-50%) and 2. Alpha-linolenic acid aka omega 3 (28-38%). From a topical skin perspective both of these substances help to supress inflammation which benefits the skin from a healing perspective. Omega 3 and 6 are also crucial nutrients that help to prevent the breakdown of the skin’s collagen matrix thereby helping to slow down the thinning of the skin during the aging process. Omega 3 & 6 when absorbed by the skin into the lower layers also show promising results related to protecting the skin from UV damage, but this does not mean that it contains reliable sun screen properties.

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Note: We shall not be held accountable for any reason whatsoever for the outcome of products or mixtures that you the user decides to create and specifically to the additives or essential oils that you choose to add to this carrier/massage oil.