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Diffuser: Crackle Glass Candle

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Tea light holder, water & oil burner.

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Designed to emit fragrance from essential oils. When the candle is lit, the flicker creates dancing light through the crackle glass.

Even when not un use this ornamental piece is stunning when the sun light streams into a room and reflects through the glass, tiny bubbles of prism light are sprinkled across the floor and wall. 

How to use:  Fill dish with tap water to just below the brim, add 5-15 drops of essential oil or fragrance oil.  Place a lit tea-light candle inside the bottom portion.  The heat from the flame will warm the dish and emit the fragrance.

Caution:  Candles are hazardous, do not leave unattended, or in the presence of children and pets. Do not operate without water in the dish.  Topping up the dish with fresh water when the dish is hot will cause the device to crack.