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Geranium (Reunion) Essential Oil

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Geranium (Reunion) Essential Oil
Pelargonium graveolens 12 ml

This Essential Oil is being Discontinued

Primary Constituents:
Citronellol 23.51%
Geraniol 15.47%
Linalool 8.89%
Rose Oxide 1.68%

100% Pure Essential Oil
Country of Origin: Reunion
Distilled from leaves

Geranium Reunion is also known as Bourbon and is prized as being one of the best Geranium oils from which other geranium oils are compared.  It is a preferred geranium by perfumers due to the high content of Geraniol and Rose Oxide.  Its smoother aroma is a result of the higher levels of linalool in comparrision to other geranium oils.

Product Use
For use in aromatic diffusers and to create aromatic diffuser blends and other aromatherapy inspired products.

Citronellol and Geraniol are two predominate isolates that occur naturally in Geranium oil and respectively smell citrusy and rosy. Geranium oil is used extensively in aromatherapy products, and by the fragrance industry to scent body care products, household products, soaps, detergents and perfumes.

Geranium has a Middle Note classification and possesses a strong herbaceous rosy aroma.  Geranium is also classified as an 'Aroma Modifier' meaning if you like to blend essential oils together use Geranium in much lessor amounts than the other oils because the Geranium will aromatically over-power the others. 

Essential Oil Precautions