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Greeting Card Set: Floral Collection


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Floral Collection: Greeting Card Set of 4
comes with 4 white envelopes, each card is blank inside.

*Donation given to local charity (see below)

1. Tolerant (portulaca in vase)
2. Pristine (freesia in vase)
3. The Outlier (bouquet with apple)
4. Memories (poppies in vase)

Since the inception of my first retail store in 1995 my mother (Jean d'Agenais) encouraged me to showcase her art. A number of her original pieces have been gifted or purchased and several have been reproduced for sale, with a portion of proceeds dedicated to local fundraisers and charities over the years.

My mother was brilliant and very gifted, yet she never considered herself a good artist and only ever participated in one art show.  Sadly she endured many tragedies and health set-backs in her life which resulted in co-morbid mental health issues.

She is quoted as saying 'it was my art that kept me alive'.

Shortly before her passing in 2018 she legally gifted to me the copyright to her work and instructed me to continue to share her story and legacy. Read more here

At present (Nov. 2022) until otherwise stated $5.00 from the sale of these cards will be donated to The Green Wood Coalition located in Port Hope Ontario, to help supplement  the costs associated with purchasing supplies for their art programs.