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Heaven by Nevaeh: Natural Perfume Spray


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Heaven by Nevaeh Spray Perfume
[25 ml/ .845 oz]
Frosted Glass Bottle with atomizer


100% Natural Aromatic Linen & Body Spray Perfume: Heaven Perfume Spray contains sharp Jasmine, contrasted by soothing Lavender, punctuated by warm citrusy Bergamot fading into a sweet buttery moss base. It is akin to a personality that is tenacious, courageous, kind and full of Grace.

PERFECT FOR MEDITATION or Just wear it throughout the day as a natural fragrance to remind you of your well-being practices. When you use a lovely scent repeatedly while participating in happy and relaxing practices, eventually the aroma will transcend your memory back to that joyful moment.

HOW TO USE:  As a pulse-point fragrance, spray on inside of your wrists then gently massage both wrists together while smoothing the solution over your inner forearms consider layering with Nevaeh's Perfume Oil.

Note:  Our Natural Perfumes do not have long lasting scent properties because they do not contain synthetic fixatives nor do they contain parabens, gycols and petrochemicals.

Detailed Ingredients