Hydrosol: Rose Water


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Rose Water

100% Natural Pure Rosa damascena water

Rose hydrosol is a by-product from the distillation of extracting the precious aromatic molecules from rose petals.
Note: Rose Water possesses a natural yellowish colour.

Product Use
Consider keeping rose water in a refrigerator. Close eyes and lightly spritz face and neck to soothe, cool and hydrate delicate skin.

Makeup artists often use hydrosols a makeup fixative.

What is the difference between Neroli Water and Rose Water?
While the aromatic chemical constituents are different - the properties of Rose Oil and Rose Water vs. Neroli Oil and Neroli Water are more or less on par with each other.  Both are obviously naturally fragrant and both are gentle to be used on the skin to refresh, tone and hydrate.  It is really just an aromatic preference.