Magnolia (Michelia alba) Leaf Essential Oil


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Magnolia Leaf Essential Oil
Michelia alba 12 ml

100% Pure Essential Oil
Country of Origin: China

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Primary Constituent: Linalool 70.02%

Product Use:
For use in aromatic diffusers and to create aromatic diffuser blends and other aromatherapy inspired products. Magnolia leaf is best enjoyed when blended with other essential oils such as Lemon, Orange, Lavender, Petitgrain and Palmarosa.

Magnolia leaf oil is a prized ingredient in the perfume and fragrance industry as it belongs to the Michelia family commonly known as Magnolia, which family produces very fragrant flowers. Since the flowers do not yield an aromatic oil that can be extracted via distillation, the scent of flowers could  be extracted via a solvent process although would still be very costly.  

Whereas the leaf of this plant produces an abundance of oil via a distillation process making it an affordable oil. Many companies avoid and or refrain from explaining the part of a plant that is used to extract an oil therefore some people may believe that this oil is as fragrant as a true magnolia flower, which it does not.

The aroma of distilled Magnolia leaf possesses a soft powdery green floral aroma that is slightly minty and is a great addition to just about any aromatic blend due to its ability to tone down sharp edges of other aromatic oils.  Plus due to the high content of Linalool, Michelia alba provides similar relaxing properties that are synonymous with Lavender.

Essential Oil Precautions