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Natural Perfume Oil: SweeTart Rose


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SweeTart Rose

100% Natural Perfume Oil

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Sublime Turkish rose absolute, softened with vanilla and tonka bean, punctuated by tart candied lime and yuzu fruit oil. Heliotropin sustains a sweet powdery effect throughout, while oakmoss absolute provides an earthy base.

Just for a moment close your eyes and imagine...
    the aroma of a pale pink rose, soft and powdery,
    while you savour the sweet and tart flavour of a
    SweetTart Candy.*

*Each purchase includes a package of SweetTarts 😋

HOW TO USE:  As a pulse-point fragrance apply to the inside of your wrists then gently massage both wrists together while smoothing the oil over your inner forearms.

Note:  Our Natural Perfumes do not have long lasting scent properties because they do not contain synthetic fixatives nor do they contain parabens, gycols and petrochemicals.

Detailed ingredients

Detailed Use


*This product is not affiliated with the Sweet Tart Candy Manufacturer
There is no affiliated revenue - our product was merely inspired by this candy as it is one of my favourite child-hood memories and remains a favourite.