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Natural Perfume Oil: Nefertiti


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[10 ml/ .338 oz]
Glass Bottle with Stainless Steel Roller-Ball Applicator

100% Natural Perfume Oil:  Soft and alluring floral notes of Jasmine and Yang Ylang have been amplified with citrus and punctuated with spice. The overall tonality changes almost instantly by the buffering base notes of Cedarwood and Vetiver, while Amber, Balsam and Vanilla float throughout the blend creating a rather ancient and dusty aroma.

PERFECT FOR MEDITATION or Just wear it throughout the day to naturally fragrance and remind you of your well-being practices. When you use a lovely scent repeatedly with positive routines, in time that particular aroma may help to alter intrusive negativity.

HOW TO USE:  As a pulse-point fragrance apply to the inside of your wrists then gently massage both wrists together while smoothing the oil over your inner forearms.

Note:  Our Natural Perfumes do not have long lasting scent properties because they do not contain synthetic fixatives nor do they contain parabens, gycols and petrochemicals.

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