Face Food Serum: Neroli


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[50 ml  / 1.69 oz] Frosted glass bottle with serum pump dispenser

This light-weight creamy face serum is rich in anti-oxidants that combat damaging free radicals which are responsible for skin aging. 

Rosehip Oil (organic/unrefined) Rosa canina seed oil is extracted from the seeds of the wild rose.  The oil contains high levels of ‘Essential Fatty Acids’ namely: 1. Linoleic acid aka omega 6 (40-50%) and 2. Alpha-linolenic acid aka omega 3 (28-38%). 

Apricot Kernel Oil is high in both vitamin A & K; Vitamin A is reputedly known to stimulate collagen production, while Vitamin K helps in strengthening blood vessels to prevent breaking or damage.

Neroli (distilled orange blossom oil) is highly valued by perfumers for its sweet middle floral note, with a slight smokey green pepper undertone. Skin care alchemists declare that Neroli helps to combat dry, irritated and sensitive skin and it may help improve the skin’s elasticity which in-turn may slow down the occurrence of thread veins and prevent scaring.  Click here for more information about the benefits of Neroli.

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Note:  Our products do not have long lasting scent properties because they do not contain synthetic fragrances or fixatives nor do they contain parabens, gycols and petrochemicals.

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