Neroli (Moroccan) Essential Oil


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Neroli Essential Oil
Citrus aurantium var. amara 12 ml

Pure undiluted

Primary Constituents:

Linalool 36.24%
Limonene 17.2%
beta-Pinene 8.92%
(E)-beta-Ocimene 8.38

100% Pure Essential Oil

Certified to be Organically Grown
Country of Origin: Morocco
Distilled from Flowers (fresh orange blossom)

Product Use:
Extremely suitable to Aromatherapy inspired products, skin care and natural perfumery. It is recommended that Neroli oil be into lotions and other carrier oils.

Exquisite oils should not be wasted by diffusing in ultra-sonic water diffusers.

There are very few delicate flowers that yield an exquisite aromatic oil.  Neroli is produced in many temperate climates and is often adulterated with petitgrain oil, our source is verifiably a pure, nothing added nothing removed. 

Essential Oil Precautions