Rose Absolute (Bulgarian) 25% Dilution Essential Oil


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Rose Absolute 25% Dilution Essential Oil
Rosa x damascena Mill. 12 ml

Primary Constituents:
Phenyl ethyl alcohol 54.99%
Citronellol 11.88%
Geraniol 6.12%
n-Nonadecane 5.05%
Nerol 2.47%

100% Authentic Rose Oil 25% Dilution in 200 proof denatured alcohol

Country of Origin: Bulgaria
Produced through a solvent extraction

Product Use:
Rose absolute is not recommended in skin care products.  However from an 'Aroma'-therapeutic perspective it does present with some positive psychological affects.  It is recommended that this 25% dilution of Rose absolute be further diluted in other carrier oils and/or essential oils to create natural perfumes.

Exquisite oils should not be wasted by diffusing in ultra-sonic water diffusers.
Many companies offer neat versions or 3% dilutions. At Prima Essence we feel that 25% dilutions are worth their weight in gold making them more affordable than the pure and far more useful than typical 3% dilutions.

Rose oils are by far the most complex when it comes to their structure containing close to 400 different chemical constituents. From a historical perspective the scent of rose has been used by humans since ancient times to perfume the body and for metaphorical purposes to 'open the heart' and to bring peace to the mind, body and spirit.

Rose absolute possesses a deep rich floral aroma due to the high content of Phenyl ethyl alcohol in comparison to distilled Rose otto.  The tail end of Rose absolute honey like and dry.

Essential Oil Precautions