Rose Otto (Bulgarian, Organic) 25% Dilution Essential Oil


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Rose Otto 25% Dilution Essential Oil
Rosa x damascena Mill. 12 ml

Primary Constituents:
Geraniol 22.09%
Citronellol 21.04%
n-Nonadecane 17.96%
Nerol 8.15%

100% Authentic Rose Oil 25% Dilution in 100% Natural Organic Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba Oil).

Certified to be Organically Grown
Country of Origin: Bulgaria
Distilled from Flowers

Product Use:
Extremely suitable to Aromatherapy inspired products, skin care and natural perfumery. It is recommended that this 25% dilution of Rose Otto be further blended into lotions and other carrier oils.

Exquisite oils should not be wasted by diffusing in ultra-sonic water diffusers.
Many companies offer neat versions or 3% dilutions. At Prima Essence we feel that 25% dilutions are worth their weight in gold making them more affordable than the pure and far more useful than typical 3% dilutions.

One of the world's finest rose oil, sourced from a family owned business since 1909 located in central Bulgaria. The aroma of Bulgarian rose is a little more subtle (powdery) than Turkish rose.

Essential Oil Precautions