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Sandalwood (Indian) Essential Oil

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Sandalwood Oil
Santalum album Linn. 12 ml

Commonly known as White Sandalwood, it is one of the world's finest sandalwoods and is used in the Unani System of Medicine "Perso-Arabic traditional medicine practiced in Muslim culture".

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Primary Constituents:
Z-alpha santalol 45.59%
Z-beta santalol 19.45%*

100% Authentic Pure Sandalwood Oil
Country of Origin: India (Mysore Region)
Steam Distilled from Wood

Product Use:
Extremely suitable to Aromatherapy inspired products, skin care and natural perfumery. 

Sandalwood is one of the most expensive woods in the world. The oil is extracted via different methods, with steam distillation being the most common.  During ancient times the traditional method was to soak the wood in water followed by boiling until the oil is released. 

*Santalum album is a preferred oil for skin care products due to its higher levels of santalol. For science based evidence search in PubMed for santalol skin cancer.

Essential Oil Precautions