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Under Eye Gel with Neroli


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8 gram jar

An Aromatherapy Inspired Beauty Gel to nourish the delicate skin surrounding the eyes and lips.

Suitable for all Humans over the age of 18

This creamy gel like serum is loaded with gentle skin benefitting ingredients such as Squalane, Calendula Oil, Rose Hip Oil, Rose Hip Extract & Neroli Essential Oil.
Click here for specific ingredient details.

Directions: Apply to a clean face and with a clean finger. Just one tiny dip with finger will be enough to apply around both eyes and to encircle around the lips if desired.

Apply the small dollop to the out-most tip of cheek bone near the left and right temple. In gentle sweeping motions, smooth gel towards the nose just under the eye followed by sweeping up-and-over the brow area, repeat this motion 2-3 times.

Follow-up with a full facial massage using one of our Face Oil Serums such as:
Neroli Slumber Oil
Rose Slumber Oil
Morning Glow or Youthful Glow