Unscented Medium: Emulsifier

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Available in a 120 ml amber plastic bottle with squirt cap

Trade Name Tween 20, a polysorbate derivative from corn, used as an emulsifying agent in cosmetics.  This product may be used to blend essential oils with water in order to create aromatic sprays. Can also be used as a dispersing agent when using essential oils in bath water.

Suggested Spray Recipe:  In a 100 ml bottle—add 5 ml of emulsifier + 5 ml of a natural alcohol such as vodka + 30-50 drops of essential oil. Gently agitate the mixture within the bottle then fill the remaining of the bottle with spring or distilled water. Shake well and use as desired to scent your personal space.

Suggested Bath Oil:  Combine 5 ml of emulsifier with 5 ml of vegetable carrier oil, add 4-8 drops of a gentle essential oil such as lavender, mix well and add to warm running bath water.

Check out this Video Tutorial about making sprays.

Note: We shall not be held accountable for any reason whatsoever for the outcome of products or mixtures that you the user decides to create and specifically to the additives or essential oils that you choose to add to this carrier/massage oil.