Dryer: Wool Laundry Balls

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Felted Wool Dryer Balls
- does not include bottle of scented oil 

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A Natural and Reusable Alternative to using synthetically scented fabric softener or dryer sheets.

Set of 3 - sorry no colour choice options.
Your set may include 3 different coloured wool dryer balls.

Regardless of colour: All Three Wool Dryer Balls should be used together with your wet laundry in the dryer. No colour from the Wool Dryer Balls will transfer to your linens or clothing.

Felted Wool Dryer Balls are densely packed pre-shrunk wool that has been shaped into round balls. Each Wool Dryer Ball is approximately 5 cm - 8 cm in diameter.

Scenting your Wool Dryer Balls with 4 -6 drops of an essential oil is a personal option in order to add a natural fragrance to your laundry.

Some folks might like to use Just Plain Lavender. Alternatively, we recommend using our Laundry Day Blend or one of our Mild Diffuser blends such as Hippy Dippy, Joy,  Sacred Bliss or Fairy Dance.

Dryer Safety:  We highly recommend that you follow the directions in the operating manual that pertains to your clothes dryer. Operating manuals provide warnings, and we concur: the 'Lint Trap' should be emptied and/or cleaned from a build-up of lint after every 2 -3 loads of laundry.