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Ylang Ylang #3 Essential Oil


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Ylang Ylang #3* Essential Oil
Cananga odorata

100% Pure Essential Oil
Country of Origin: Madagascar

Primary Constituents:
Linalool 2.8%
Geranyl acetate 5.10%
beta-Caryophyllene 17.03

*Ylang Ylang is produced via a fractional distillation, where the process is stopped and started again.  Ylang Ylang #3 is taken from the third distillation and possesses a sharper more acrid aroma than #1.

Product Use:
For use in aromatic diffusers and to create aromatic diffuser blends.

Ylang Ylang oil possesses a base note classification, its exotic floral aroma is strong and sweet. It is also considered a modifier scent, meaning that if you use too much it will completely knock out all other aromas - so use very sparingly. 

Essential Oil Precautions